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Our Internet is Fast and affordable, so you can stay online forever without having to keep check'n your bundle balance ever.

Pricing and plans

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  • Whatsapp
  • Youtube
  • Google
  • Amazon

💡 More Reasons to Get Connected...

Did you know once you pay the "Home Internet Package" you can use over 100 WiFi zones in Nairobi and Kiambu for free.👍

🌩ī¸ Super Fast

We know you don't slow down for internet,that's why we give you a super fast experience.

đŸ’¯ Always Connected

You need internet everywhere and like a match we are ubiquitous to get you connected at home,office and on-the-go down the street with hotspots zones.

💸 Wallet-Sized

Yes, guaranteed quality and affordable too.Pay without charges using M-Pesa Buy Goods & Services (512006).
We love to see you happy too. 😎


  • Up to 1Mbps & Unlimited bundle
  • Suitable for mobile streaming,chattiing & browsing
  • For 1 device
  • Packages Up to 20Mbps
  • Suitable for family usage,HD streaming & e-learning
  • For upto 5 devices(with a router)
  • Packages Up to 100Mbps & Uptime monitoring 24/7
  • Suitable for cyber-cafe,schools,offices & businesses
  • High Availability of upto 99.9% (dual-link)
  • For upto 50+ devices(with router)
  • How do I get connected?

    First check your coverage area: Check Here.
    If you're covered contact us Contacts Here

  • How do I contact your support?
  • How do I pay to my wallet?

    Then Log in to your account on portal: Hello Wifi to confirm and buy a package

  • I have connected to cable/wifi but without internet?

      If you're using a computer: Right click the connection icon or .Select "Troubleshoot Problems" & follow its recommendations.
      Unplug then replug your ethernet cable/Reconnect your wifi
      If you are using a router and outdoor receiver.Reboot both starting with the receiver then the router
      When the problem persists contacts our support with proper description of the issue

  • How do I connect multiple devices

    On Hotspot: Only the paid/signed in device will be connected.To extend your coverage use third-party hotspot applications

    On Home & Business: Use a router with WIFI & ethernet cable to extend your device reach

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